Ross Cameron was born in Cheltenham and brought up in and around Broadway, Ross has always worked in the hotel and restaurant industry since leaving school. His career has always been based in Broadway and as such has made far reaching moves of up to 500 meters down the road!


Starting towards the top of the village Ross started his voyage of catering discovery Managing the coffee shop that was then known as Garfords. Moving slightly down the village and even crossing the road Ross took up a management training position at the, then Savoy owned, Lygon Arms hotel, where he really learnt his trade as a restaurant pirate, finally ending his time there as Assistant Restaurant Manager.

When The Original Russell’s Restaurant with Rooms opened in November 2004 Ross caved into the pressure of the opportunity of another exciting move further down Broadway High street to become the Hotel Manager. Enjoying his time here for 5 years until November 2009 to pursue his own business (Selling eggs!)


After three long years of being out of the Russell’s fold Ross has been enticed back to the village he loves and back under the safety of the Russell’s Umbrella. Captaining the Russell’s Fish and Chip ship – @thefishyskipper has been born and he’s very excited about the forthcoming adventures!


Matthew “Mousey / Mouse” Lewis was born 13th January 1993 (incidentally the same day of the same month, if not the same year, as the Skipper’s birthday!)

Born and bred in the Vale of Evesham his First Mate credentials were being honed by the Skipper from a young age… Taking him under his wing at the tender age of 16, the Skipper saw the great potential in Mouse training him in outstanding service and chatting to the ladies in the main Russell’s restaurant.

Serving the company with exemplary ability and panache Mouse saw out a good 3 years as a loyal member of the Russell’s team before an opportunity too good for him to pass up came knocking at his door.

It was with a heavy heart that the Russell’s crew waved Matt off and let him spread his wings to the far flung town of “Winchcombe!?”. Here, in a now very well respected but at the time brand new venture, Mouse polished his already infamous service skills and began to learn more of the serious business of management. Influencing young waiting staff from all corners of the Cotswolds Mouse Lewis has become a household name (at least within the Catering fraternity!!)

In the late summer of 2013 the Skipper was ecstatic to hear from Mouse that he was interested in rejoining the fold  and more specifically alongside him as his new First-Mate  on the Russell’s Fish and Chip’s ship!

Welcome back Mousey! …. There’s a long journey ahead!

NB: The only qualification this first mate seems to be missing is some dodgy tattoos ….. The Skipper has been reassured this will very soon be resolved.

JackJack The Ship’s Bosun

Jack “Lazy” Lazenby

It is obviously purely a shortening of his surname that has earned Jack the “Lazy” Nickname…. A Broadway boy through and through, Jack is often to be found beavering away organising the stores below deck in order for the ship to sail fully laden and ready for all comers.

Originally a part time shipmate Jack took the plunge into living the full time dream with Mouse and The Fishy Skipper in May 2014 after he had finished his degree at a Welsh University by the sea.

(Don’t worry if you ever catch the ship wench Sophie eyeing him up with her doey blues or more likely clipping him round the ear…. She wears the trousers in that relationship…. The longest standing Russell’s FC romance to date!)

Always calm in a storm, Lazy keeps the ship on the straight and narrow, ship shape and Bristol fashion!